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Michelangelo’s Sibyls of the Sistine Chapel

A Sibyl was an oracle or prophetess in ancient Greece who was known to prophesy at holy sites under the influence of a deity.  The first collection of Sibyl utterances were recorded by Roman author Lactantius in the early 4th century AD.  Sibyls were represented in art as early as the Middle Ages as well as early Renaissance pieces.  Varro numbered ten Sibyls though other ancient sources differ as to the number, some only list one while others as many as twelve. On the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo alternated five Sibyls and seven prophets.  The five Sibyls painted by Michelangelo were said to have foretold of the birth …..

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Pope Benedict XVI Resigning and the Role of the Sistine Chapel

Today Pope Benedict XVI announced to the world that he would be resigning and stepping down from his Pontiff role as of February 28, 2013.  You might wonder what this trending news has to do with art.  The fact is that when the pope steps down, the process to select a new leader of the Catholic Church will begin and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel will play a role. When the College of Cardinals meets to select a successor to the current pope the meeting is referred to as a papal conclave.  Following several long vacancies of the pope’s position, Pope Gregory X, in 1274, declared that the cardinals should be locked …..

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Visiting Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling

The Sistine Chapel, located in Vatican City, was built from 1473 to 1481 by architect, Giovanni dei Dolci.  Pope Sixtus IV wanted the chapel for domestic services.  From 1480 to 1483 the walls of the chapel were decorated by famous Renaissance artists including Botticelli, Perugino and Ghirlandaio.  In 1508, Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to decorate the ceiling of the chapel. Today the Sistine Chapel is the most famous chapel in the world and is known for its amazing paintings, two of which are the most famous frescoes in the world, Genesis, or The Creation of Adam, and The Last Judgment.  The Sistine Chapel ceiling and the altar frescoes are considered …..

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