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Paul Gauguin and Mette Sophie Gad

Mette Sophie Gad was born in Denmark on September 7, 1850.  Her father, Theodor Gad, was the judge of an outlying Danish island where Mette was born.  At 17 years old, Mette became a governess to the children of the Danish Minister of State and three years later was a traveling companion for Marie Heegaard, the daughter of a wealthy factory owner.  In October 1872, the travelers arrived in Paris where Mette encountered Paul Gauguin.  During this time Gauguin was in Paris working as a bookkeeper at a financial brokerage firm and making a decent standard of living.  While at the firm he began to paint part-time.  In January of …..

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Paul Gauguin 110 Years Later

May 8, 1903, 110 years ago today, Paul Gauguin died at the age of 54.  In 1901, Gauguin moved to Atuona on the south coast of Hiva Oa, the second largest island of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, a territory of France.  This would become his final resting place. While in Atuona, Gauguin lived with a young woman named Marie-Rose Vaeoho and built a small home on stilts which included a sculpture studio, a dining room, a kitchen and upstairs, a room and a workshop.  It was in this home that Gauguin painted 20 some works with unnaturally overwhelming color. In Atuona, Gauguin became more of an outcast.  He …..

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Paul Gauguin and Alphonse Mucha’s Harmonium

This photo of Paul Gauguin is a favorite of many as it shows his often peculiar side.  The photo of him playing the harmonium without his pants on was taken in the Paris studio of Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha c.1893-95. Mucha created a studio above Madame Charlotte’s Cremerie in the rue de la Grande Chaumiere.  It was at the Cremerie that Gauguin and Mucha became friends before Gauguin left for Tahiti. Two years later when Gauguin returned to Paris he was short on money and Mucha offered to share his studio above the Cremerie.  Each artist worked in his own corner.  As Mucha experienced success he moved into a bigger …..

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