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Michelangelo’s Eating Habits

Michelangelo lived a life which is described as being abstemious. Ascanio Condivi, Michelangelo’s apprentice and biographer said that Michelangelo was indifferent to food and ate “more out of necessity than of pleasure.” He was content with a little wine and bread while he worked. While working on The Last Judgment he waited to eat until evening when he was done painting for the day. Michelangelo was so intent on his art that he sometimes went without eating. According to Fred Plotkin, author of “Italy for the Gourmet Traveler”, “Michelangelo lived almost 89 years, so he must have done something right in terms of his nutrition. I think that he probably …..

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Michelangelo and the Influence of Lorenzo de’ Medici

By the age of 14, Michelangelo had drawn the attention of Lorenzo de’ Medici, also known as Lorenzo the Magnificent, one of Florence’s leading citizens, a statesmen, a ruler and a patron of the arts. Medici wielded great power due to his wealth and dedication to the city of Florence and surrounded himself with the most stimulating men in the city. When he heard of Michelangelo he invited him to stay in a room of his palace and provided an education for him along with the Medici children, a great honor for Michelangelo. The young boy accepted the offer and received a stipend from Medici. Michelangelo’s father was offered a …..

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Michelangelo’s First Biographies

Michelangelo was the first artist to have a biography written about him while he was still alive, in fact there were two biographies written and published during his lifetime.  His biographers were Giorgio Vasari and Ascanio Condivi, both men knew Michelangelo as a friend. Giorgio Vasari was a painter, architect, writer and historian who is most famous today for his book Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, first published in 1550.  His book contains an encyclopedia of artists’ biographies including one for Michelangelo.  Vasari was a friend and admirer of Michelangelo whose influence can be seen in both his painting and his architecture. Vasari’s book offered a …..

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