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Michelangelo’s Battle of Cascina

The Battle of Cascina occurred between Florence and it’s rival, Pisa, on July 28, 1364. In the autumn of 1504, The Republic of Florence commissioned Michelangelo to create a fresco memorializing the victorious battle. Michelangelo’s fresco was to be hung in the new Florentine State Hall, the Palazzo Vecchio, opposite a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci depicting the Battle of Anghiari. Unfortunately neither Michelangelo nor da Vinci completed their battle scenes and the grand project was never realized. Some say da Vinci experienced technical difficulties, others that he was called away; Michelangelo was distracted from the work when he received an urgent summons from Pope Julius II. Michelangelo working from …..

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Michelangelo’s Drawings Burned

Around February of 1518 Michelangelo asked his friend, Leonardo Sellaio, to burn the drawings that he had left at his house.  It is believed that these drawings were preparatory works for the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Michelangelo’s nephew reported that in his uncle’s final days, Michelangelo burned the majority of his drawings and preparatory works that were in his Roman studio in two bonfires.  Michelangelo himself left us no explanation for his motivation to burn his drawings but a number of speculations exist. Michelangelo had worked hard to create the illusion that he was a creative genius and that his masterpieces were envisioned in his head and came out …..

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Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna

Sometime around 1538, at about the age of 60, Michelangelo was introduced to Vittoria Colonna, Marchesa di Pescara, about age 45.  Vittoria was the widow of the imperial general Ferrante Francesco d’Avalos, a descendant of one of the oldest families of Italy and a member of the Viterbo Circle, a religious group that wanted the church to base theology of salvation on grace rather than works.  His friendship with Vittoria gained Michelangelo admittance into her social circles and introduced him to issues dealing with church reform. Michelangelo and Vittoria shared a loving platonic relationship until her death in 1547.  She was one of Michelangelo’s closest friends, and only female companion.  …..

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