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The Beginning of Post-Impressionism

Roger Fry, an English artist and art critic, organized the first Post-Impressionist art exhibit, Manet and the Post-Impressionists, at London’s Grafton Galleries.  The landmark exhibition, which took place in 1910, was the first to introduce the British public to works by Cézanne, Gaugin, Manet, Matisse, Seurat and Van Gogh.  The exhibition, though somewhat a disaster, was one of the most important moments in modern art. Roger Fry coined the term Post-Impressionism to describe the development of French art since Edouard Manet.  Post-Impressionists rejected the limitations of Impressionism.  They used vivid colors, thick paint application, distinct brush strokes and real-life subjects just as the Impressionists but they were dissatisfied with the …..

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Monet’s Luncheon Paintings

  • June 18, 2013
  • Monet
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Following Monet’s monumental Luncheon on the Grass painted in 1865-1866, he created two other luncheon paintings, both titled The Luncheon. Monet’s The Luncheon completed in 1868 portrays a family scene set in Étretat in the house of a patron where Monet took refuge from his Parisian creditors and critics.  It was around this time that Monet’s life was taking a turn and he was becoming a family man.  In the painting we see the table set for an abundant luncheon at noon with Monet’s future wife, Camille, and their son Jean seated at the table.  There is a guest standing near the table and a maid peeking through the door …..

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