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Paul Gauguin 110 Years Later

May 8, 1903, 110 years ago today, Paul Gauguin died at the age of 54.  In 1901, Gauguin moved to Atuona on the south coast of Hiva Oa, the second largest island of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, a territory of France.  This would become his final resting place. While in Atuona, Gauguin lived with a young woman named Marie-Rose Vaeoho and built a small home on stilts which included a sculpture studio, a dining room, a kitchen and upstairs, a room and a workshop.  It was in this home that Gauguin painted 20 some works with unnaturally overwhelming color. In Atuona, Gauguin became more of an outcast.  He …..

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