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Luncheon on the Grass a Monumental Work by Claude Monet

Inspired by Édouard Manet’s masterpiece by the same name, Monet began his own Luncheon on the Grass in the spring of 1865.  He planned this large scale painting to be a canvas of over four by six meters (about 13’ x 19.5’).  Monet began sketches for the painting while in Chailly and started on the actual canvas when he returned to his Paris studio in the fall.  Bazille and Camille was painted en plein air in the Fountainbleu Forest as a study for the final painting, Luncheon on the Grass.  Monet had hoped to finish the large scale painting in time for the 1866 Salon but was unable to complete …..

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Monet’s Caricatures

Claude Monet is known as the father of Impressionism, but what many people don’t realize is that he got his artistic start drawing caricatures as a teen.  Monet started drawing caricatures and doodles of his teachers in school; he would cover his books with them.  He later became well known around Le Havre by selling his charcoal caricatures.  He earned a living with his exaggerated drawings of locals and became very accomplished at his work.  He exhibited at Gravier’s stationer, framer and ironmonger shop. Monet said, “I started selling my portraits. Sizing up my customer, I charged ten or twenty francs a caricature, and it worked like a charm. Within …..

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Life and Years of the Claude Monet Biography

  • April 27, 2012
  • Monet
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Claude Monet is among the Impressionist period’s most iconic artists.  For many years, the French native, endured a  financially turbulent existence until  his diligent work ethic paid off later in life. A review of the Claude Monet biography suggests truths and embellished tales, conceived by the revered artist. Nonetheless, the Claude Monet life story documents dramatic turmoil along  with a wealth of triumphs.1840 1840  is year that Claude Monet was born with the name Oscar Claude in Paris France. (1) 1845 To seek better opportunities, Monet’s family relocated to Le Havre in 1845. 1855 Monet demonstrated an artistic and enterprising brain at the age of 15, when he sold caricatures for 10 to …..

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