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Michelangelo’s Battle of Cascina

The Battle of Cascina occurred between Florence and it’s rival, Pisa, on July 28, 1364. In the autumn of 1504, The Republic of Florence commissioned Michelangelo to create a fresco memorializing the victorious battle. Michelangelo’s fresco was to be hung in the new Florentine State Hall, the Palazzo Vecchio, opposite a fresco by Leonardo da Vinci depicting the Battle of Anghiari. Unfortunately neither Michelangelo nor da Vinci completed their battle scenes and the grand project was never realized. Some say da Vinci experienced technical difficulties, others that he was called away; Michelangelo was distracted from the work when he received an urgent summons from Pope Julius II. Michelangelo working from …..

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Fabriano Paper and Michelangelo

The town of Fabriano lies in the Esino valley in the Ancona province in the region of Marche, Italy.  It is known as one of the earliest European towns to make high-quality paper on an industrial scale.  Even today, it still holds its reputation as a fine watermarked paper company. Since 1264, the Fabrino paper mill has been making high-quality paper and is credited with being “the cradle of the production of modern paper.”  The key behind Fabrino’s importance in European paper production lies in its location near Ancona, an important port open to trade with the Arab world. The Fabriano paper mill is responsible for many of the innovations …..

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Leonardo Di Vinci on Last Call in St. Louis

Leonardo di Vinci is an  inaccurate reference to the world renown artist, daedal inventor. The correct spelling is actually, Leonardo da Vinci. The late Italian’s innovations  just happen to be on loan in St. Louis, Missouri. The momentous exhibit marks the first time that the  DaVinci Machines Exhibition  has ever been in North America. The 6o+ collection encompasses famous inventions, such as”Da Vinci Mechanical Lion,” reflecting when the Da Vinci’s robot lion was gifted to the King of France. The extended show ends on March 31st in St. Louis (and is open daily from 10 a.m to 6 p.m). The location of the Da Vinci Machines Exhibit is 800 Market Street | St. …..

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