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Andy Warhol Museum Visitor Information

Andy Warhol’s work remains on exhibit at its moniker museum. Bookmark  these questions and answers about visiting the Andy Warhol Museum on your mobile device regarding the late artist’s collection.

  •  Where is it?

Located in the city of the artist’s birthplace, the Andy Warhol Museum address is | 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890 | Phone: 412.237.8300 | warhol.org |

  • Is the artist’s grave site at the Andy Warhol Museum?

No, Andy Warhol’s burial site is  at the St. John the Baptist Cemetery. The address is:

1066 Connor Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15102.

  •  Aside from the store at the Andy Warhol museum, which other sources sell the artist’s works?

The Van Gogh Gallery Store represents a source for purchasing the prints of Andy Warhol works. The prices are competitive. Andy Warhol’s “10 Marilyn Monroe” , “The World” and “Everybody,” are three popular prints available at the site.

  •  Does the Andy Warhol Museum have an onsite restaurant?

Even though the museum does not currently have a dedicated onsite restaurant, a plethora of restaurants are within walking and driving distance of the Andy Warhol museum.

  •  What are some of the modern artist’s categories on exhibit at the Andy Warhol museum?

As a facet of the Carnegie Hall, where the iconic artist  studied, Andy Warhol’s works encompass several categories: early works, self portraits, and the artist’s perspectives.

  •  What are the museum hours?

The Andy Warhol works are on display Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

  • What is the admission at the Andy Warhol museum?

For members of the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh, admission is free. Twenty dollars covers the (non-membership) adult admission price; $10 for children aged, 3 – 18 and senior citizens. Special discounts apply with the special Friday promotion.

Please click Andy Warhol works for more information on his paintings or participate in the art discussion at Warhol-Gallery.com.

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