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Pablo Picasso’s Artwork Displayed Prominently in Chicago

The famous artist Pablo Picasso had his hand in modern art with an industrial motif.  While the legendary artist is known for  these top top 20 paintings by Pablo Picasso, many are unaware that the Spanish born artist designed sculptures as magnificent as the unnamed masterpiece  (as seen in the photo, below).

In 1963, when Picasso was in his 80s, he was commissioned to create a public masterpiece for the Richard J Daley Center in Chicago. To some onlookers, the nameless 50-foot tall sculpture created and donated by Pablo Picasso, resembled the face of a baboon with wings.  However, the no-name, 16- ton rendering typified how cultural changes were influencing a modern society. By then, Picasso had shifted from traditional art to steel architectural components necessitating assembly and construction. (Source: Explore Chicago)

Pablo Picasso invested two-years to conceptualize the sculpture’s design. Incorporating motifs from earlier works, he started with a 3.5 foot tall maquette or model. At the Art Institute of Chicago, the original sketches and maquette are on exhibit.

Formed from the same material as the Daley Center’s complex, Cor Ten steel, the Chicago Picasso was architected at the U.S. Steel Company in Gary, Indiana and then transported to downtown Chicago.

August 15th 1967 marks the Chicago Picasso’s birthday of when it was unveiled at the Daley Center.  At the time, the sculpture was controversial as it did not commemorate any leaders or legends germane to the Windy City’s history.

Today, the Chicago Picasso is prominently on display 24-hours a day at 50 W. Washington St., Daley Plaza Chicago, IL 60602. Pablo Picasso’s gift to Chicago perpetuates the backdrop of all the events, which take place at the Daley Plaza, including farmers markets, holiday celebrations and other momentous occasions.

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