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One of the best ways to get in touch with artists and their work is to see where they lived.  Today the homes of many famous artists have been made into museums which give tours so that visitors can see the environment where artists created some of their most famous works. 

One of the most famous artist homes and studios is the home of Claude Monet in Giverny, France.  Here visitors can wander through his famous gardens, over the Japanese footbridge and gaze at floating water lilies as if to set foot in one of his paintings.  His most famous scenes captured on canvas exist to this day in addition to his house and studio which visitors can tour. 

If you are in Antwerp, Belgium, be sure to stop by Rubenshuis – the house of Peter Paul Rubens.  Rubens bought the home in 1610 and designed an addition for it himself.  With its sculpture gallery and artist’s studio with the impressive style of the Italian Renaissance, the house itself is a palatial work of art to behold. Open to the public for tours and also containing a collection of paintings by Rubens and other artists, Rubenshuis is worth a visit.

Not too far from Antwerp is the Rembrandt House located in Amsterdam.  The Rembrandt house is where Rembrandt van Rijn resided between 1639 and 1658.  The large Dutch home was where Rembrandt lived and worked until he went bankrupt in 1656.  The Rembrandt House Museum is open for tours; in addition, there are even virtual tours of the Rembrandt House online.

Also located in the Netherlands is The Vincent van GoghHuis in the town of Zundert.  Although the house where Van Gogh was born was torn down, in its place is a building which has a permanent Van Gogh exhibition.  If you are in France, the beautiful town of Auvers-sur-Oise is the where the final home of Van Gogh is located.  Le Maison de Van Gogh, formerly the Ravoux Inn, is open for visitors to tour Van Gogh’s upstairs room.  Downstairs visitors can enjoy a meal at the café before touring the rest of the Van Gogh sites in Auvers.

Travel southwest to Spain and you can visit two of the homes of Salvador Dali.  The Salvador Dali House-Museum in Portlligat, Spain is where Dali lived for much of his life.  Today visitors can tour the house and his studios here.  There is also a virtual tour online.  From Portlligat, Dali moved to his last home which was literally his castle.  The Gala Dali Castile in Púbol, Spain was Dali’s home, workshop and eventually became the mausoleum for his wife.  Today the castle is open for tours, or you can see sections of it online.

Although he spent much of his life in France, between the years 1872 and 1873 Edgar Degas lived in the United States in New Orleans.  Today the Degas House in New Orleans  is open for tours and visitors can see where Edgar Degas lived and created over twenty works of art.

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